• Regular Housekeeping
    • Between
      and $25.25
      per hour.

    • Federal and provincial taxes may apply on the business hourly rate before subsidy, i.e. $29.25

  • Major cleaning
    • Between
      and $34.00 
      per hour

    • Federal and provincial taxes may apply on the business hourly rate before subsidy, i.e. $38.00.

  • In development
    • $
      per hour

    • .
    • Federal and provincial taxes may apply.

    • Between
      per hour

    • Eligible for a tax credit.


In order to receive services from Plumeau chiffon et compagnie, a registration is required. For any new registration or returning customers a fee of $10.00 plus taxes is applicable. Seniors and individuals referred by their CLSC are excluded from this fee.

Prices are subject to change.

Financial assistance

Plumeau, chiffon et compagnie oversees a Government of Québec Financial Assistance Program for Domestic Services funded through the Régie de l’assurance maladie and the Financial Assistance Program for Domestic Services (PEFSAD).

This program provides fixed aid of $4.00 per hour to all clients to counter undeclared work in the housekeeping field. People who would like to receive this assistance must complete the appropriate form consenting to give their Health Insurance Number, and sign the document in question.

For regular housekeeping, the hourly rate for general public clients is $25.25 plus tax. Federal and provincial taxes apply to the hourly rate before the subsidy, i.e. $29.25 per hour.

Special rates apply for all senior citizens aged 65 or older as well for people with functional limitations who have been referred by a CLSC.

In addition to the fixed subsidy of $4.00 per hour indicated above, variable assistance is offered to adjust the hourly rate according to ability to pay for eligible clients. Depending on the client’s income, the cost of one hour of service for regular housekeeping will range from $9.61 to $24.25, tax free. To receive this subsidy, besides providing their Health Insurance Number, clients must sign the application for financial assistance as well as the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec service agreement. If the client lives with a partner, the information and signature of their spouse is also required.

Examples :

→ General public client aged 18 to 64:

$29.25 (business’s hourly rate) – $4.00$ (fixed subsidy) = $25.25 + taxes.

→ Senior citizen client aged 65+ and/or clients with a referral from a CIUSSS, CISSS or CLSC:

$28.25 (business’s hourly rate) – $4.00 to $18.64 (fixed subsidy + variable subsidy) = $9.61to $24.25.

For our Major cleaning service, the rate is $38.00 per hour. The subsidy paid by the Government of Québec applies, so the rate would range from $19.36 to $34.00 per hour.

How does the program work?

Persons using domestic help services provided by a domestic help social economy business that has been accredited for program purposes may receive financial assistance applicable against the hourly rate the business charges. There are 2 types of financial assistance:

  • basic financial assistance of $4 for each hour of service rendered is granted to any eligible person, regardless of family income;
  • variable financial assistance of $1.83 to $14.64 for each hour of service rendered may be granted over and above the basic financial assistance, and is determined on the basis of an eligible person’s family income and family situation.

The maximum total financial assistance granted per hour of service rendered is $18.64 ($4 in basic financial assistance and $14.64 in variable financial assistance).

The person pays only the difference between the rate charged by the business and the financial assistance granted.

What domestic help services are covered?

  • Light housekeeping work, such as laundering, vacuuming, dusting, cleaning (refrigerator, bathtub, pantry, etc.).
  • Heavy housekeeping work, such a major cleaning jobs and clearing snow from the main access to the residence.
  • Cleaning clothes.
  • Shopping for groceries and running other errands.

Who is eligible for the program?

Persons age 18 and over who are residents or temporary residents of Québec within the meaning of the Health Insurance Act are eligible for the program.

However, persons receiving compensation for domestic help services under a public plan CSST,SAAQ, Veterans Affairs, etc.) or under a private insurance plan may receive financial assistance from the program only for the portion of the costs exceeding their compensation amount.

For instance, if someone wishes to obtain 10 hours of domestic help services and his/her compensation adds up to 3 hours, that person will qualify for only 7 hours of financial assistance from the program.

Who is eligible for basic financial assistance?

Any person eligible for the program may receive basic financial assistance, regardless of family income.

Who is eligible for variable financial assistance?

  • Persons age 65 or over.
  • Persons age 18 to 64 who are eligible for the program, who require domestic help services and who are referred by a local community services centre (CLSC), an integrated health and social services centre (CISSS) or an integrated university health and social services centre (CIUSSS).


For more details on the program go to the RAMQ website

Tax credit

In addition to the financial assistance described above, you may be eligible for a tax credit of 35%. If you are 70 years of age or older and a resident of Quebec, you are entitled to a refundable tax credit for expenses incurred to obtain home-support services.

The purpose of this credit is to prevent or delay your being housed in the public health and social services network, and it may be granted even if you have no income tax to pay.

You can request the tax credit for home-support services for senior citizens when you prepare your income tax return, or receive it in advance as payments each month.

You have until December 1st each year to apply for advance payments for that same year. These payments must be made as direct deposits to your bank account.

For more information about the tax credit, refer to the Revenu Québec Web site: www.revenuquebec.ca. You can also contact Revenu Québec by telephone at 514‑873‑4692.


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